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HR Automation Software

A Practical Guide to HR Automation Software

Nowadays, technology and systems start to develop rapidly and can make various processes simpler. Let’s consider what elements of HR can be automated and as a result free your HR team from the burden of outdated processes.


Being a business owner, you probably concentrate your attention on a strong recovery and stimulating growth. However, there are clear indicators that outdated human resources processes are one of the biggest obstacles to companies striving to raise productivity and profitability. Outdated and older procedures and systems can be a great nightmare for organizations, driving to the loss of a labour force and time.

The HR feature has been regarded as an area ready for innovation for a long time. As far as technology and systems do not stop developing companies across all sectors are provided with a great possibility to expand the capabilities of their personnel groups and transform working methods of personnel management services.

There is no doubt that it is a good idea to apply some hr automation solutions to your business. If we go to hr process automation, we will have a clear representation of what common HR problems can be solved via automation software. After all, technology exists to release us from the burden of older processes. From the point of view of your HR team, technology can provide them with the possibility to concentrate on the human aspect of their role.

Definition of HR Automation

Human resources automation is the process with the assistance of which companies make use of technology to raise the effectiveness of their HR teams by releasing them from the weight of manual work processes or assignments that are connected with the administration to a large extent.

Automating these processes is considered a key asset in assisting teams to widen the scope of their role and concentrate on more strategic elements of business planning. Also, an hr automation system can help to reduce costs and wasted time as a result of mistakes during manual processing.

Importance of HR Automation

The function of people management in a business has been regarded as a very practical and intensive administrative role for a long time. With such a level of manual input, the possibility of errors and misunderstandings constantly increases. Even minor mistakes can lead to companies losing time and money putting out fires because of wrong administrative process management.

Recent reports show that approximately £15 billion a year is lost because of mistakes in tracking documentation. At the same time, companies lose vital manpower and time on fixing errors. This happens only in the single UK, thus just imagine what indicators will be if to calculate lost time and money around all countries.

Even if a company enjoys success, it can fall into the abyss at any time when it comes to its HR teams. A lot of HR experts are proud of their attention to detail and their intuitive comprehension of the inner work of their organization and also keep a finger on the pulse of the demands of their people. As businesses grow and broaden, this practical and more intimate form of people management can transform to be untenable if companies do not want or can not recognize that they have outgrown their present solutions.

The HR automation process of responsibilities of HR teams has a dual purpose. First, if you remove manual elements where it is possible you significantly reduce the probability of mistakes and time loss that are connected with fixing inaccuracies of the work process. Data accuracy and integrality are likewise considered a critical issue for business and automation can assist in avoiding any potential legal traps because of inaccuracies.

Secondly, by releasing your HR team from the weight of administration, you will have the possibility to broaden their roles and let them place themselves at the centre of influence on business strategy and development. There is no doubt that all companies desire to be concentrated on raising productivity and profitability. This is where the HR automation tool will play key value in expanding the capabilities of your employees.

What HR Elements to Automate

If you examine more daily work of your HR teams, the clearer idea you will have of what working processes should be automated. Let’s briefly consider key areas of HR to which HR automation best practices may be applied.


As a rule, the recruitment process has always made huge demands on HR experts from the point of view of time they should dedicate. The daily work of personnel teams will likely fade into the background every time your company engages in recruitment. The reason is that HR professionals should post job advertisements, browse CVs, sort potential candidates for interviews, etc. Thus, how can automated hr software assist?

Biographical data can be checked paperless. Automating this process can ensure automatic verification of potential candidates based upon definite criteria. For example, it can be a criminal record or financial security depending on definite industries.

One of the most complicated aspects of the recruitment process is regular communication with all potential candidates. This is where the HR automation system can become a boon to your HR teams. The reason is that it lets your company stay connected with potential candidates without endangering the quality of their work in other areas.

Onboarding Process

The process of introducing a new worker to the company is necessary but time-consuming. Since many companies also introduce some elements of permanent remote working, this makes HR teams face a number of difficulties and problems when it comes to employee onboarding. An effective onboarding process can define the success of any new employee. Thus, what HR automation solutions should be applied to assist your company in introducing new hires to the business?

Automation can be handy during the building of employee profiles. The possibility to register and keep track of any concrete employee requirements automatically appears. Also, it is possible to easily control any adjustments or allowances that should be made to accommodate disabilities or other demands.
Since more and more employees started to work remotely, to a varying degree in the long term, a provision that every worker possesses the necessary equipment to work efficiently no matter where they are is more important than ever. Automating this process lets your HR teams and IT department possess automatic checklists of equipment needed or already issued. This, in its turn, means that any new employee has the possibility to immediately get to work in his/her new role.

The HR automation tool can be likewise useful during induction and team building. All new employees deserve a warm welcome to the company and the way they are inducted to the job title will be a reflection of the company in general. You can think about organizing team building and introductory sessions, and sending automated emails to other members of your team.


Your HR teams have all chances to become inspiring and influential forces conducive to the success of your company. However, one should comprehend that their role is full of assignments connected with administration and demanding. This requires much time from them.
This is where technology and hr automation process can release your HR professionals, assisting them to get rid of manual processes and letting automation take the entire burden. Your HR teams are something more than just task robots. It is necessary for your company to enable them to reach their full potential and be transformed into the driving force of your business that they have the right to be.

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