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Free Responsive HTML Email Templates

10 Best Free Responsive HTML Email Templates 2024

Hey guys, in this article, I have listed the 10 best free responsive HTML email templates. So keep reading.

Emails are one of the most effective ways to get and maintain consumers’ attention. However, you’ll need a well-constructed email newsletter for the idea to function. With that said, creating emails that operate across all email clients and on all sorts of devices is considerably complex.

Fortunately, many developers and designers have already done most of the legwork for you by producing responsive newsletter templates that function on all email services and technologies. If you are unsure about your own abilities for designing an email, take the help of templates to appear absolutely professional.

However, HTML email templates are relatively simple nowadays; the real challenge is finding decent free responsive HTML email templates. Here are ten free responsive HTML email templates that may be used for efficient and productive SaaS email marketing.

Welcome Email Templates

Welcome emails are the first impression you leave on consumers who have just boarded a journey with you. The email should be light and not overwhelm them with multiple calls to action.

The welcome email should only be used for ‘welcoming’ the customer. Both informational and promotional emails can come later. You must not ambush the target.

Template 1: Onboarding Email

The BigCommerce Team

Taking an idea from such exemplary SaaS welcome templates can help you seem positive and welcoming to your audience. The above template works because it has a simple design with a lot of white space. The email acknowledges that you chose them and expresses gratitude. It also has a single call to action to avoid confusion of any sort.

Template 2: Onboarding Email


Take a look at the email template above to notice how it subtly guides the receiver on what to do next. Instead of a one-and-done transaction, the idea is to develop a long-term discussion with the consumer.

You might be wondering how the template is also introducing a new product or service in the end. Notice, however, how it leaves that at the person’s discretion. The introduction is rather subtle, and it entirely depends on them if they want to check it out.

Template 3: Onboarding Email


This is another example of a template that offers the consumer a free trial similar to the first template. The difference here is multiple calls to action, which in some cases can be done. In this case, two calls to action do not cause confusion for the audience. When you are providing them with a free trial, attaching a visual element that further encourages them to avail of the option is a brilliant idea.

Marketing Email Templates

Marketing emails are used to promote the company’s products and services or even the brand itself. This can be done through informational emails, new product introductions, or discount offers.

Template 4: Sale Email


Observe the use of slogans, colors, and typography to highlight them. Marketing emails need to be motivating and persuasive. You must highlight what the customers will gain from your product or service and the features it entails.

In this case, for example, the customer can save $50, which is the main focus of the email.

Template 5: Discount Offer


In addition to using slogans, this template shows how visually appealing the email looks with pictures. It gives the email structure and makes it look more clean and concise. Without reading the paragraphs beneath, the photographs and their captions do the job.

Template 6: Trial Upgrade

This template is a fantastic example of minimalist promotion. To lure the target audience, you don’t need to inform them about all benefits, features, and details. As shown above, jot down the most significant part of the offer and reel them in wanting to know more. This will encourage them to click the call to action button to find out the remaining information.


Transactional Email Templates

Transactional emails are communications sent in response to a specific action done by your customers and allow them to finish that activity. For example, notifications from e-commerce websites that verify your order provide order details and other data about your latest purchase.

Template 7: Invoice Details


Emails that tell the customer about purchases they made are essential. They act as order confirmation and inform the consumer about the necessary details they need to know before the next step. Notice how the templates include a reminder to keep the email safe. if you are using Woocommerce then you can use Order Confirmation Email also.

Template 8: Free Trial Ends


While people enjoy getting free trials, converting them to a paid subscription can be challenging. Asking them to directly pay up can seem blunt and may put off the audience. The template above shows how you can give them a little nudge without asking them.

DocuSign uses the catchphrase “time’s up” and follows it with a subtle reminder of how tedious conventional documentation can get. Smart, right?

Template 9: Sale Ends


Template 10: The Payment Method Has Expired


Both Templates 9 and 10 use a single call to action – the only direction they want their target to go after reading the email. Both emails have minimal text to keep their attention focused on what is most important.


Sometimes, writing the perfect email can be a challenging task. You want to carefully select details that match the purpose of your email and lead to maximum conversion.

You can use one of these ready-to-use email templates to jumpstart your creative process. In addition to these, there are other templates available like SaaS newsletter signup email templates and Referral Templates.

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