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Free Angularjs Admin Templates

10 Best Free AngularJS Admin Templates In 2024

AngularJS is the most popular trending javascript framework. If you are a front-end developer then you are very familiar with AngularJS. AngularJS is open-source and very useful to create any web application dashboard. If you have decided to create an application in AngularJS then this article 10 best Free AngularJS Admin Templates is very helpful to you. We have represented here some best Free AngularJS Admin Templates to create any dashboard application.

Java and JavaScript are two very different programming languages. Java is a statically typed, compiled language that runs on a virtual machine. JavaScript is a dynamically typed, interpreted language that runs in a web browser. Java is a more powerful and complex language than JavaScript. It is used for large-scale applications and can be difficult to learn. JavaScript is a simpler language that is easier to learn but it lacks the features of Java development services.

Both languages can be used to create web applications. However, Java is better suited for back-end development while JavaScript is better suited for front-end development. If you are a beginner we suggest Microsoft Practice Test for learning.

1. SemanticUI Admin Template AngularJs

SemanticUI Admin Template AngularJs

Free SemanticUI admin dashboard template is one of the with most popular professionally designed templates.


2. Angular Bootstrap Dashboard

Angular Bootstrap Dashboard

Angular Bootstrap Dashboard is an internet dashboard application based on Bootstrap and AngularJS.

All additives protected in this dashboard template have been developed to carry all of the capacity of HTML5 and Bootstrap plus a set of new features (JS and CSS) ideal in your next dashboard admin subject matter or admin web app mission.


3. Star Admin Angular

star admin angular free

Star Admin Angular is a free admin dashboard template from BootstrapDash. It is one of their most popular admin templates, and for good reason.

It can be easily customized to suit the requirements of different web development projects. This helps simplify the process of web app development.

Tables, tabs, badges, alerts, icons, and other useful components are included with the free template.


4. NG Admin AngularJS

NG Admin AngularJS


5. RDash AngularJS Admin Dashboard

RDash AngularJS Admin Dashboard

RDash Admin is an AngularJS implementation of the RDash admin dashboard.

The dashboard makes use of a small variety of modules to get you commenced, together with some available directives and controllers to speed up improvement using the dashboard.


6. Blur Admin

Blur Admin – Angular Bootstrap Admin Panel Framework


7. Angular Dashboard Fluance

Angular Dashboard Fluance

An easy framework to have more than one additive organized in a dashboard to your angular app.

The dashboard layout is persistently saved in keeping with a decision so that you can even store personal layouts for different resolutions.


8. Angular Material Dashboard

Angular Material Dashboard

Responsive Angular admin dashboard with a material design based on Angular Material.


9. PaperAdmin


PaperAdmin is a bootstrap single-page dashboard developed using Angular JS 4. It features built-in components to make dashboard development easy.


10. TemAz


Without a doubt, many people want to save their budget and choose something free. However, there are some cases when paying attention to premium items is a smart decision.

These ready-made admin templates offer a bigger set of options that allow drawing more attention to the site.

TemAz is a marvelous admin template with AngularJS and material design. It comes together with modular plugins. In other words, you can easily add and remove all the necessary elements.

The package has many necessary components. Using them, it will take you nothing to build an admin panel from scratch.

Main Features:

  • Widgets;
  • Cards and charts;
  • Price tables and contacts.