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Where To Buy A Proxy For TikTok and Why The Free One Is Not An Option?

Effective account promotion on TikTok involves the use of a mobile proxy. Proxy is a kind of intermediary, an intermediate link between the user and the Internet resource, masking the actual IP address. With its help, modern users have the opportunity to bypass regional restrictions and social network limits and automate promotion in a program or on a special service.

In today’s article, you will learn why you should use a proxy when actively maintaining and promoting your TikTok account. You will also find an overview of free / paid options and advice on choosing the best solution.

Why Should You Connect a Proxy to TikTok?

In 2021, TikTok was at its peak of popularity. This is the most promising social network, both for blogging (including for the purpose of further monetization) and for business. But to make the channel popular, and to attract the attention of new subscribers and customers, it is no longer enough just to publish interesting content. Due to the high competition; your videos will get lost among hundreds of thousands of other clips. The best option is to use special software to automate promotion, for example, for mass following or mass liking. This method of promotion requires minimal effort while guaranteeing a good result.

But there is one problem: an account with high TikTok activity may be considered suspicious; as a result of which you will receive a temporary or permanent block. Want to avoid a ban? Use a proxy from Soax.com! This is a must-have not only for automated channel promotion but also when you manage several accounts on the site at once.

Individual Proxies

We are talking about buying exactly IPv4 (TikTok does not support working with the IPv6 format). In this case, you get a dedicated IP address strictly on one hand, which has a positive effect on anonymity and security, and also reduces the risk of channel passivization and blocking.

Please note that IPv4 is designed to run exclusively on a computer. They are suitable for parsing, auto-posting, working with a grid of accounts, and mass actions when promoting on TikTok.

Tip: Ideally, you should use one proxy for one channel.

Why Are Free Proxies Dying?

Many users who connect proxies for anonymity, the most secure surfing on the Internet, and other purposes are interested in questions: where do proxies come from and why do they die?

Where Do Free Proxies Come From?

To understand the causes of the death of free proxies, you need to know the sources of their appearance.

So, the proxy part is the result of system administrators’ mistakes. It’s simple: a system administrator who has set up a corporate proxy of some organization forgets to block access to it. The next case is perhaps the most unpleasant. The computer becomes infected with a virus that turns it into a proxy every time it connects to the internet. That is why it is not the case to use it on TikTok.

More simple situations: providing free proxies from an Internet provider and creating a free proxy for everyone for marketing purposes, testing technology for hidden defects. It often happens that a new provider or reseller provides potential customers with a free trial period. This is done to attract a large flow of users, after which free access is closed.

Why Are Free Proxies Closing?

Before proceeding directly to the reasons for closing, we consider it necessary to remind you: the use of free proxies does not give any guarantees for their stable and durable operation. They can stop functioning at any time that is not suitable for you.

Free proxies die for the following reasons:

  1. The test period is over, and the proxies have become paid.
  2. Antivirus is installed on the computer acting as a proxy server.
  3. The error of the system administrator in the organization was fixed (there was a bill for traffic or there was a change of employee).
  4. Free proxies have not paid off as a marketing tool.
  5. Free proxy got into the ban list.

Choosing a good provider for your TikTok account is as important as choosing the proxies themselves. If you decide to buy first-class proxies that will definitely not disappoint you, use the Soax.com service offer.

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