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when does the stock market open and close

India’s Share Market Timings

In this article, we’ll describe when does the stock market open and close. You need to know the timings of the Indian stock market for you to trade in a global financial marketplace. Standard time in the share market prevails in the country. Use our advanced AI to create the best groundwork possible for your project. That implies you may buy, sell, or invest in a listing of stocks on the ground of your place within the nation during that period.  If you are aware of the stock market timings. Meanwhile, in BSE and NSE, the 2 top Indian share markets, traders follow the same working hours as a rule, falling into the same time zone irrespective of where they place their trades.

The marketplace opens trading at 9:15 AM and closes at 3:30 PM. Pre-commencing starts at 9:15 AM, even as post-last takes region at three:30 PM.

Pre-opening session

Pre-opening hours begin at 9:00 AM and last until 9:00 AM. It is separated into three further parts. You can submit orders to purchase or sell shares for a set amount of time at one of these times. Let’s examine the pre-opening session’s specifics below.

Section 1: 09:00 to 09:08 in the morning

You have around 8 minutes to simulate the stock market by putting orders to buy or sell taking out trades related to stocks. Moreover, it also enables you to cancel or replace any orders you may have filled. When the regular trading session starts at 09:15, orders placed during this pre-opening session will receive priority in the order queue.

Section 2: The hours of 09:08 AM as well as 09:12 AM

You are unable to place any new orders, change any current ones, or cancel any orders during these four minutes. To do price matching, this part is required. Demand and supply must be compared to match prices. The ultimate prices at which certain shares will be traded when the market starts at 09:15 AM people consist of them mainly.

Section 3: 09:12 AM to 09:15 AM

This 3-minute downtime is a transition engine; to blur the gap between regular trading hours and the pre-opening session. It functions as a buffer to make the changeover to the normal trading session easier. Again, you are unable to place, amend, or cancel any orders during these three minutes.

Typical Session

The non-stop buying and selling session, which takes vicinity from 09:15 AM to 03:30 PM, is another call for this. You are unfastened to change, vicinity orders to buy or promote shares, and exchange or cancel your purchase or promote orders at any time all through this session. A bilateral order matching system is in place during this window. In this process, every purchase order matches every sell order made at the same stock price, and every sell order matches every buy order.

After-closing session

At 3:30 PM, when the normal trading session ends, this one starts. There are two parts to the post-closing session, which ends at 4:00 PM.

Section 1: 3:30 PM to 03:40 PM

To determine closing stock prices for the 10 minutes between 03:00 and 03:30 is the time of calculating the average stock price with methods that give weight to the number of transactions.
Indeed, through the computation of the weighted average price of any security encompassed within the index, it can close the prices of the Indices similar to the Sensex and Nifty.

Second 2: 3:40 PM to 4:00 PM

During these 20 minutes, you can still place orders for buys and sales. However, the market will only confirm these orders if it has a large number of vendors and buyers.

Muhurat trading

In India, market trading most often stops during public holidays. However, on this day the stock market is closed for another regular trading session because Diwali is believed to be an auspicious day a special Muhurat trading session is opened on this day every year for traders. Every single year, the schedule for this session goes through changes, and for the short trading hours it offers, customers usually tend to go with share-trading applications being those easy to use.


Nevertheless, when does the stock market open and close? the timing of the stock market should be studied by those investors or traders who play the stocks. Whether it’s before or after trading hours, ensure you note the time well to make the right decisions. With such knowledge, people can schedule their trading activities and these decisions with precision. Of note is the fact that the timing will not be the same as the exchange does feature its holidays. Keep to your workout regularly, stay alert, and have fun trading in the market.

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