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SaaS Website Homepage Design:

SaaS Website Homepage Design: 7 Costly Mistakes

SaaS Website Homepage Design: 7 Costly Mistakes – Are you confident when it comes to the “appearance” of your website? Even if that’s the case, it’s possible that it’s not doing its job properly.

We’ve outlined some of the most common website blunders that could be costing your company money. Get rid of those blunders, and you’ll have a better chance of increasing your income, and who doesn’t want that?

Here are seven of the most common blunders made when designing a SaaS homepage:

Visitors Are Overwhelmed by Your Navigation

There is such a thing as overdoing it when it comes to navigation. Many website owners confuse their customers by offering them too many choices.

At any given time, our short-term memory can only hold up to seven items. It won’t help your users if your navigation bar is bursting at the seams.

Your navigation should make it simple for users to navigate around your Saas sales website and locate exactly what they’re looking for.

Make certain to:

  • Emphasize the information that your site’s visitors desire to see.
  • Make it simple for them to locate your paid services and products.
  • Allow them to reach you without having to scour the internet for your contact information.
  • The simpler your navigation bar is, the easier it is for your visitor to make a selection.
  • Use a storyboard template to empathize with your website’s visitors and map their journey.

You Make It Difficult to Collect Leads

Sign-up forms and subscriber fields are excellent strategies to increase the size of your email list of potential customers and develop your SaaS brand. However, by adding extra stages to the signup process, you risk losing potential subscribers.

Complex forms, according to some business owners, will help to reduce spam. However, in addition to spam, you may be excluding some of your potential clients. The less work required to complete the form, the more likely they are to complete it all the way through.

Is email marketing being used by your SaaS marketing firm to attract and nurture leads? Then you’ll want to increase your subscription rates as much as possible.

Email subscription boxes should be placed on your sidebar, on your homepage, within blog entries, and even as a pop-up (if that makes sense).

It’s a lot easier to nurture leads over time using email marketing than it is to make a one-time transaction.

The Focus Isn’t on Readability and Usability

Your material has the potential to enhance or detract from your credibility. Information is life and death for software companies. Your blog must provide an excellent user experience and demonstrate to your visitors that you are knowledgeable in your field.

The following are some of the most prevalent ways that corporate blogs degrade the user experience:

  • The font is difficult to read, making extended reading sessions unpleasant.
  • There are several broken links that either do not work or lead to outdated material.
  • Your website has photos, however, they are distracting and unrelated to the theme.
  • Between the content and the rest of the site, as well as within the blog post itself, there is no whitespace.

Make sure the principles listed above apply to all of your SaaS website’s content. Whatever the visitors are reading, you must deliver a nice reading experience and provide a User-Centered Design.

The Selling Point Is Unclear

The peak concentration of a person lasts roughly 8 seconds. Some claim that you only have 4 seconds to generate a solid first impression and entice the end user to interact with your business. That is why having a well-presented and produced price list on your thoughtfully designed website is critical.

Many websites include non-essential terms and vernacular in their price lists. It is common for people to read it multiple times. Even after that, they won’t know what they’re supposed to be used for.

For example, this software for personal trainers landing page explains from the start that their main focus is on helping their target community. So, once you leave their website, you are leaving with the main keyword in your mind.

Blindly Following the Crowd

Paperbell coaching software has a homepage that you may have never seen in SaaS before. Paperbell’s homepage uses a “long-form sales page” format that’s borrowed from old-school letters sent to prospects in the mail. Paper bell has tested this against a more typical-looking SaaS page and the text-heavy format showed a strong increase in free trials.

Not Having a Reliable Content Management System

CMS stands for Content Management System, and it allows you to make quick and easy changes to your website. You’ll be tethered to your developer’s hip if you don’t use a CMS to construct your site.

Not only will this become expensive, but it will also become a headache if you require an immediate update and are unable to contact your developers.

When you use a CMS, you can manage your website at any time. The most important thing to remember is that your designer will require the use of a content management system (CMS).

Maintain full control over your SaaS website by hiring a remote dedicated software development team so you may grow and change your company.

Putting Too Much Faith in Your Web Designer and Overpaying Them

Web clients all too often fail to provide clear guidelines to their designers and neglect to build a message strategy for their services and goods.

Therefore, they commit product decisions to designers. How many services do you give in total? What’s the best method to put them on display?

These aren’t decisions your designer should be making, and if you do, engage a full-service digital marketing firm.

Designers aren’t supposed to write content for your website, except for placeholder page descriptions and alt text for photos.

Unless you’ve also hired your designer to provide SEO services, you’ll have to hire a reliable London SEO Expert.

Many web design companies will try to persuade you to include functionality on your website that you don’t need. Instead of giving your designer complete authority over your project, tell them what you want to achieve. Don’t be persuaded to pay extra by confusing phrases and web jargon; or, to put it another way, don’t pay for something you don’t completely understand.

In Conclusion: SaaS Website Homepage Design

If your company is having problems obtaining a large number of customers and keeping them from leaving, it’s conceivable that the first reason is a poorly organized website. You should renew it and provide it with certain instruments that will assist it in dealing with such issues.