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PHP Development Frameworks

Top 5 PHP Development Frameworks That Speed Up Development

Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is simply the most popular and most extensively used programming language in the world. In fact, two-thirds of 80% of the websites of the world are built on this. Here are the top 5 PHP development frameworks as recommended by the PHP development experts.

Ever since its inception, PHP has evolved a lot. The developers now have given rise to the frameworks and tools around the language to make the PHP development easier and faster. These frameworks are used by developers all across the world but they are especially coveted by the companies which provide PHP development services that are favorite amongst the companies across the world.

Why Use PHP?

Embedded in HTML, PHP is the ideal site for dynamic websites and web apps. Open source and effectual, this is compatible across the web servers and frameworks. Safe, user-friendly, and stable, this one comes with customized codes that have paved the way for the frameworks.

This not just speeds up web development but also brings scalability. Here are some of the most essential PHP Development Frameworks that can add a new dimension to the frameworks.

Laravel Framework

In 2011, the Laravel framework was launched and it soon turned into one of the most popular open-source free PHP Development Frameworks to ever hit the market. The developers like using this framework as this enables them to handle convoluted tasks with security and ease. The mundane tasks like routing, caching, and authenticating experience expedition with this one. Irrespective of whether the web app is large or small, Laravel can simplify things notwithstanding the complex apps. MVC architecture and template engine view, security, and authentication are some of the reasons for using Laravel.

Symfony Framework

Symfony is one of the first choices of web development that attracts the site owners towards it. The open-source and free framework is based on the Model View Controller which is written in PHP program language. This delivers compatibility with a variety of databases including Microsoft, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and much more. This framework stands out from developing large enterprise projects. It has a huge ecosystem and has an active developers community for assistance with technical issues.

Yii2 Framework

This is a simple framework. It has recorded and set up its mark as a high performing framework and is considered suitable for the modern-day apps. It comes with reliable security features and is an easy-to-install universal framework. These make this framework ideal for CMSs as well as eCommerce portals and much more. You can get a superior framework and good speed. It helps developers and prevents them from writing the SQL statements which can model the database data. The community and resources of the framework are flourishing. Yii2 can be expanded and every bit of the code is capable of being personalized. This comes with a lofty learning curve.

Zend Framework

Zend is an object-oriented framework based on MVC that uses features like inheritance and interference which makes it expandable. With this, you can load just those functions and components that you want as individual libraries. It is built on agile functionality that assists you to deliver high-quality and agile features.  This framework is highly customizable and follows the practices of PHP. The object-oriented framework can use a lot of codes that can be customized. Added to that, it is quite simple to integrate the platform with libraries placed externally which enhances its functionality further.

Phalcon Framework

Created and implemented as a C extension, Phalcon is a powerful framework of PHP that presents itself as a full-stack web framework for PHP 5. This sounds uncommon but this results in the fastest framework that you can use. It is coupled loosely and you can select specific aspects or use all for a seamless process of development. This one is a favorite amongst the best PHP development company and firms especially because of the simplified functionality. Once you install it, this one has almost no files thus facilitating an uncluttered process of development. Added to that, it is known to deliver top-notch performance.

These are the top 5 PHP development frameworks as recommended by the PHP development experts who have been working in this industry for the longest time and know exactly what will work and what won’t make your web development project a grand success.

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