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Clean HTML Code

5 Tips For Writing Clean HTML Code Clients Will Love

Html is one way through which most webpages get presented. It stands for a hypertext markup language. For this HTML to work well, it has building blocks, which are the elements that make it work perfectly. For you to write clean HTML code, you need to have programming knowledge. If you have little experience in programming, you can develop simple code. If it gets harder, you can get programming homework help from experts. You don’t have to kill yourself with it.

Sometime you may find that some webpages are not working well. Others are not user friendly. All this is because the codes were developed in the wrong way. Have a look at the following tips that will help you write a clean HTML code.

HTML code

1. You Need To Be Consistent When Naming

There are many approaches to how to write HTML codes. Some programmers may choose to use quotes, dashes, or even indent. All these will lead to an excellent code, but you should not mix them up. If you decide to use quotes, stick to them until you finish.

Mixing the approaches will lead to a code that is not running. If you mix up and still find that it is still running, expect some future problems. You will notice that after some time, the code will start taking longer for take to load. Such a code is not user friendly. Always stick to one method of coding for better results.

2. Consider Using Indent

One of the easiest ways of reading code is when it is in indent form. When coding, you should be aiming at simplifying things, especially on the side of the client. Remember, the client may not have any knowledge about programming. In fact, clients gave you the job because they cannot do it themselves.

Make the clients’ work easier by using a simple method. Your work will also be easier since there is consistency while using indent. When using indent, you don’t have to worry about the space value to use; it doesn’t matter a lot. You can decide to use any.

3. Always Avoid Comments

When writing a clean HTML code for your client, note that HTML is not a programming language. As a result, you should not at any point use comments. Including comments will make that code be something else other than HTML code. You should stick to your client’s specifications.

You should only include comments in a programming language such as Java and C++. The only instance you should be using comments is when closing the DIV. This is after writing many lines of codes.

4. Avoid Unnecessary DIVs

Divitis should not be overused when writing clean HTML code. Only use them when necessary. Many coders tend to use excessive comments to make HTML look more stylish. This is not the case. You will find that unnecessary divs will not be compatible with the elements.

You will end up deleting the unnecessary Divs while revising your work. Targeting divitis with CSS can result in a lot of challenges when running the code. This targeting leads to the incorporation of excess divs also. Your customer doesn’t need all this. Make their work more comfortable by using divs when necessary.

5. The Naming Convention Should Be Right

If you want to enhance your customer satisfaction with a perfect HTML code, make sure the naming convention is the right one. Some naming conventions may change the way your website looks. It can change it from being horizontal to vertical.

The menu bar will also change. You will find that after changing, the menu reduces its size. It becomes smaller than it was. This can be a big challenge for those who will be using the website. Make sure you use the right naming convention to avoid all this.

Customers are always the blood vein for any business. When they give you a job, make sure they get the best from you. Design a good HTML that will enhance their satisfaction. You should design them with HTML that is user friendly. Some of these HTML can be very challenging when developing them. Whatever the case, make sure you follow the basic guidelines for developing clean code. Make use of the above tips and rest assured of better results.

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