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Perfect Typography in UX

8 Rules for Perfect Typography in UX

If you are acquainted with the word ‘Typography,’ you might know how supreme it is to create an unprecedented site. Without conventional Typography, you can’t let people acknowledge your website. There are a few rules for the right typography that every graphic designer needs to follow to make themselves prominent in the Typography world.

If you are about to make a website or you have failed to build a well-perceived site, then you are in the right place.

I will illustrate to you a few tips and rules for exemplary Typography in UX that would surely assist you in adjusting to the Typography world. Let’s get along with the topic and have a detailed discussion on those rules.

Importance of Typography

As an outsider, the first thing I notice about a particular website is its written content that how well it has been written. Hence, it would help if you were extra careful when it comes to writing content because it depends on your website’s success and failure.

Typography is all about organizing the words on the site, and if you failed to do so, then a person might switch to someone else’s website.

Typography is not something that people learn instantly. With practice and time, you can master yourself in this field. Through proper typography, you communicate with people, and if those visitors are unable to perceive what you are saying, then they won’t stay at your website for seconds even.

By implementing a few rules of Typography on your website, you may gather as many visitors as you want. Let’s talk about those rules and learn how to do ultimate Typography.

8 Rules for Perfect Typography

The rules of typography that every Graphic designer should consider while creating a website includes:

1. Be limited while Adding Fonts

Consistency and Readability are two critical elements that should never be taken for granted. While choosing fonts for your website, you should be careful because the wrong preference of fonts or adding unlimited fonts can lose the visitor’s attention as it might confuse them. Moreover, try to add a similar type of fonts in design as people would better regarding what you are trying to say.

I would recommend you to choose 3 fonts for the website. One for the main heading, 2nd one for the subheading, and 3rd one for writing the paragraph. Such consistency will net let visitors lose their interest. Hence the first rule for the perfect typography is to make the selection of fonts carefully. As they say, that excess of everything is bad, so don’t overload the website with multiple fonts.

You might go with the font Helvetica Neue font that is a sans-serif font and is widely used for a long time. It originated in 1957, and since then, various changes have been made in the font to enhance its importance. If you are confused about which font should be used for the context, then I recommend you put your hands on this exceptional font that goes best with every other font.

2. Be Concern while Putting Words

Every individual does a common problem by adding so many words in a single line and a few words in the next line. Balance of words is another important rule that should be implemented for the right Typography. Adding too many words in one line might confuse the reader, and the possibility is that it becomes hard for them to read what you have written.

One should consider the sensitivity of content and stop making such mistakes that might result in the failure of the website. Be consistent when it comes to adding words in a single row. Keep the balance of words and add limited words in one line so that people find it easy to understand.

3. Avoid Line Spacing and Extra Spacing

Sometimes people unconsciously add extra spacing in the content that appears really bad. Moreover, the space between lines makes it even worse. Records that utilize a single unvarying line dispersing after every paragraph or after every page can deliver a feeling of dull consistency.

You may wish to change the line dividing irregularly to diminish dreariness or to feature a specific segment. Hence better to avoid these extra spacing that may spoil the mood of the reader, and he might switch to another site. It is another rule for the perfect Typography that everyone should keep in mind.

4. The Size of the Text

I still remember finding difficulty reading the content of a particular site, so I decided to start reading the same context from someone else’s website where the words are appearing visibly. If you don’t pay attention to the size of the text, you lose half of your visitors. People usually check your website from different mobiles that have different screens.

On some screens, your text might appear excellent, but in small screens, it doesn’t appear appropriately. Hence you need to check that either your text is okay in all types of screens or not. It is better to experiment with various gadgets once you upload the text, only then will you know the size you chose is ideal or not.

5. The Color and Contrast

The color you set for the background or for the context depicts specific emotions and creates a different mood of the reader. Making color contrast in a website to increase its readability means making a contrast among values instead of creating it between Hues.

Value is the comparative lightness or darkness of a color, while Hue is defined as a technical term that is often depicted as the credited of red, purple, and blue color. Hence be cautious when it comes to brightness and contrast of your web page. Moreover, don’t use too many colors as it will make your website look odd. The color contrast on the website demands deep thought.

6. Be Cautious About the Need of Audience

Whenever you are about to evolve a website, then be cautious about the obligation of the targeted audience for whom you are going to make a website. Ask yourself that either your site is carrying out their needs and wants or not. Your audience plays a significant role in making your website successful hence you should put their needs and wants in your mind.

From selecting a font to choosing color contrast, everything should be implemented according to their requirement. If you respect the need of your employees, then they value your hard work later. Hence another essential rule to gain maximum visitors on your website is to take care of their wants.

7. Do Experiments with Mobile Typography

Graphic designers often succeed in doing web typography as it is comparatively easy than mobile typography. In mobile typography, a different type of restrictions implements that sometimes make designers confuse. Mobile has a small screen, so the text size is the most challenging task for every designer.

It would help if you were extra cautious in mobile typography. On the other hand, sometimes the text on mobiles looks too big and appears to be a complete mess. It often irritates the readers, and your context lost its readability. You can make yourself an expert in typography if you do experiments with mobile typography.

8. Keep Reasonable Space between Words

Sometimes the words are so close to each other that people find it hard to read correctly. Remember that the words you use in the context need to breathe. Hence keep a reasonable space between words. Apart from giving line spacing and paragraph spacing, it would help if you also concerned about the word spacing that usually people don’t look for.

Word spacing doesn’t mean that now you start giving extra space between words that it appears odd. As a graphic designer, you should know how much space is vital for the words and then act according to it. With time you can learn every small detail about perfect typography.


These are a few rules that would make you an expert in the Typography, and being a graphic designer, you should be familiar with these rules. As they say, that practice makes a man perfect, so keep on doing experiments, and one day you will become an expert.

I hope you will find this article informative. I have mentioned the essential rules that you should consider next time while doing typography.

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