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Modem Vs Router

Modem Vs Router: What is the Difference?

Hello guys, today, in this article, we will discuss modem vs router: what is the difference? So keep reading.

When you move your house and shift to a new place, the very first thing you get, even before getting your appliances is the internet connection. The importance of a good internet is evident from this. However, this might come as a shock to most people, but most people are not familiar with the working of the internet and setting up a home network without assistance. Even worse, we find it extremely challenging to figure out if our internet service is causing an issue or if it is just the hardware.

No matter how expensive or good internet service you opt for, unless you do not know how your home internet works, you will not be able to make the most out of it. Most people have no idea about the difference between the modem and router, while others are just concerned with the Wi-Fi signals and their speed. If you do not want to get into detail, you need to subscribe to an internet service provider that takes care of it all for you. A good ISP like Optimum internet not only ensures seamless connectivity but also makes sure that you get everything for setting up a perfect gateway. Apart from a free modem, you will also get a free Optimum Wi-Fi extender so, you can enjoy wall-to-wall signal coverage regardless of the device location.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Home Network

Most people using a home network for the internet are not familiar with its working. Although, most ISP are vigilant enough that even if you do not know about the connection and the hardware, there will be no issue with the connection setup. However, in some cases, when you ring customer service, and they ask you to check things around, you need some basic knowledge about all the hardware and wiring first.

For starters, you need to know that modem vs router, although complement and facilities the internet connection, is completely different. A router keeps your devices connected to the LAN, or local area network, however in wireless connection; it is done by using Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity, and both devices are equally important.

For the beginner who is finding it difficult, here is a simple difference between both modem vs router, their functionality, and types.

What Is A Modem?

Technically the modem is called the modulator-demodulator. A modem is a hardware device used for connecting the home with the internet service provider via a physical connection. The goal of using a modem is to transmit and translate the data that is relayed from the internet service provider company, and then send it to the home network device in a language and format that it is familiar with.

If you are confused with the appearance of your modem, or why modems at your work do not look similar to the modem at home, you need to know about the three different styles of modem.

1. Dial-Up Style Modem

This is the most basic style of modem and if you have seen it, the modems in the early 20’s toy might have seen this style. The dial-up style modem utilizes the phone line connection that stays connected to the ISP. If you are confused, about why you no longer see the dial-up style modems; it is because they have been replaced already by broadband connections.

2. Digital Subscriber Line

This is generally known as DSL and it utilized the phone line for connection. The phone line that is connected to the DSL at one end is connected to the ISP on the other end. However, you need a high speed as compared to the usual dial-up speed. Another important thing to consider is that this was also a relatively older style because most people do not use phone lines now.

3. Cable Style Modem

This is the most common modem style right now. You will see this style almost everywhere. This style of modem requires a cable TV line that is connected to the ISP. So far, most places use this style of internet modem connection because of better speed.

Internet Service Providers either rent the modem to you or sell the modem. However, some ISP also offers complimentary modem so if you disconnect their subscription; they can get the modem back.

Now, that you know about the modem; it is important to know about the router as well because both play an equally important role in offering you a seamless internet connection.

What Is A Router?

A router is used for creating the LAN or local area network. It is connected to the modem at one end and then to the device at the other end. If you do not know already, it is the device where you plug in your Ethernet. The goal of the router is to connect your device to a home network for communication.

For a better understanding, you also need to know about the types of routers. Here are two types of routers you need to know about.

1. Wireless Routers

A wireless router requires a connection with a modem via Ethernet cable but transmits the signals wirelessly. The router connects the data into binary code and then transmits it via radio waves so; the signals can be relayed wirelessly with an antenna. Wireless routers use WLAN so, multiple devices can connect to them.

2. Wired Routers

For a wired router, you need to connect the modem to the Ethernet. The router then uses all the cables connected to the linked network to keep the devices connected. Usually, a wired router works much better because there is no hindrance in connection or signals. On the contrary, the wireless router needs to have a good placement for better connectivity.

Wrap Up

Routers styles and modems have evolved a lot so that users can enjoy fast-speed internet with seamless connectivity. Moreover, both modem vs router is equally essential for a good connection because they have different functions.

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