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Free Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

5 Best Free Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

In this article, we will give you the list of Free Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins.

One fantastic way to profit from website traffic is through affiliate programs, of which Amazon Associate is one. You can earn a commission on sales made by users who tap on the affiliate links you use to advertise suggested Amazon products on your WordPress website.

A lot of internet marketers only concentrate on Amazon products, and WordPress offers a dependable hosting platform. Choose one of these many Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins to create a profitable Amazon affiliate website.

We’ll walk you through a few useful free Amazon affiliate plugins in this post so you may advertise Amazon products more successfully and in compliance with Amazon Associates’ requirements.

List of Best Free Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

1. Auto Amazon Links
2. AffiliateX
3. Easy Affiliate Links
4. Amazon Link Engine
5. Affiliate Super Assistent

1. Auto Amazon Links

Auto Amazon Links

Auto Amazon Links is a powerful plugin that reduces the work by automatically doing repetitive tasks, such as finding the appropriate product links and pasting Amazon affiliate links in WordPress posts. You must select appropriate categories for your website, and the plugin will automatically display links to deserving new releases from Amazon.

Your Amazon Associates ID appears on every link, and Auto Amazon Links is compatible with all Amazon locations and even works with browsers that do not support JavaScript. In addition, the plugin allows you to place shortcodes and integrate the advertising as widgets. The product links will show up anywhere you want them to by placing the widget in the sidebar as well.

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2. AffiliateX


Another affiliate tool made specifically for Amazon affiliate marketing is called AffiliateX. By increasing the conversion rate, users of this plugin can create extremely successful affiliate marketing blogs and boost affiliate revenue.

The AffiliateX plugin also provides an extensive number of marketing blocks, like Single Product, Product Comparison Table, CTA Buttons, Specification, and many others, for blogs. In addition, you can alter these blocks to give them a distinct appearance and feel.

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3. Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate Links

This amazing Amazon affiliate plugin tracks clicks on your links automatically and allows you to manage all of the affiliate links (both conventional, non-cloaked links and fancy, cloaked links) on your website. In addition, you may add affiliate links in Elementor by utilizing their text widget with Easy Affiliate Links. This works with both the Classic Editor and the recently released Gutenberg Block Editor.

For the optional purpose of cloaking your affiliate links, you can either employ short links or ordinary links along with affiliate HTML codes. In addition, the plugin tracks lifetime and monthly click counts and automatically creates text disclaimers for your affiliate links.

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4. Amazon Link Engine

Amazon Link Engine

Amazon Link Engine is the next Amazon-affiliated plugin on our list. Geniuslink’s sophisticated technology converts all of your Amazon links into localized connections, increasing sales and affiliate revenue. This method delivers every customer to the Amazon store and offers goods relevant to their location around the globe.

Even if it’s a brand-new link on the website; Amazon Link Engine automatically localizes your Amazon links every time a visitor loads the page. Additionally, the plugin allows you to modify your Associate IDs for the Amazon affiliate programs from the Geniuslink Dashboard. As well as brand your globalized links with a custom domain.

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5. Affiliate Super Assistent

Affiliate Super Assistent

Amazing features offered by Affiliate Super Assistent include product template design, asa-Shortcode tags, backend translation, error handling settings, a test area, and the ability to use your Amazon Associate ID to earn money, among other things. So, with the help of template features, it enables you to incorporate Amazon products into WordPress pages and display the products in various styles across several pages.

Moreover, with the help of template features, it enables you to incorporate Amazon products into WordPress pages and display the products in various styles across several pages. Additionally, the plugin allows for the receipt of product data via the Amazon PA API 5.0. In addition, the plugin lets users organize product sets as collections and display them on a website using a single BBCode element.

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Plugins for Amazon affiliates can not only make your work easier, but some of them can also provide useful analytics to help you expand your company. Therefore, make sure to check out all of these Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins if you want to use your website to advertise affiliate products from the Amazon Associates program in order to start making a sizable commission.

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