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What Did Spartan Soldiers Do For Fun

What Did Spartan Soldiers Do For Fun

In the ancient city-state of Sparta, renowned for its disciplined and warrior-centric society, it may come as a surprise that Spartan soldiers did indeed find ways to have fun. This article explores the recreational activities and leisure pursuits that Spartans engaged in when they were not on the battlefield. From sports and competitions to unique festivals, Spartan soldiers had a more multifaceted life than one might expect.


Sparta, a city-state in ancient Greece, was primarily known for its formidable warriors and military prowess. However, like all people, Spartan soldiers needed some downtime to relax and enjoy life. Here, we delve into the various forms of entertainment and recreation that Spartans indulged in during their leisure hours.

Spartan Daily Life

Before delving into their recreational activities, it’s important to understand the daily life of a Spartan soldier. They were subjected to rigorous training, endured harsh discipline, and were constantly ready for battle. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t know how to have fun when the opportunity arose.

Training and Drills

The foundation of Spartan life revolved around military training. This training was intense and demanding, but it was also a way for Spartans to build camaraderie and compete with one another. It served both as a duty and a source of amusement.

Sports and Competitions

Spartan soldiers loved sports and competitions. They participated in various physical contests like foot races, wrestling, and discus throwing. These activities not only kept them fit but also provided a healthy release for their competitive spirit.

The Krypteia

The Krypteia was a secret police force made up of young Spartan men. During this time, they were tasked with sneaking around, testing their espionage skills, and keeping an eye on the helots (Sparta’s slave population). It was like a game of hide and seek, and the secrecy of their missions added an element of intrigue and excitement.

Spartan Feasts

Spartans enjoyed feasting, but their banquets were not like those of other Greek city-states. These feasts were simple and focused on building bonds between soldiers. They often indulged in black broth, a notorious Spartan delicacy, and engaged in discussions.

Music and Dance

Music and dance were integral to Spartan culture. Soldiers learned to play musical instruments and appreciated the beauty of rhythm and melody. This artistic pursuit was a pleasant diversion from their otherwise strenuous lives.

Games and Pastimes

Spartan soldiers had a variety of games and pastimes that they enjoyed, including dice games, board games, and hunting. These activities allowed them to unwind and enjoy moments of relaxation.


1. Did Spartan soldiers have free time for leisure activities?
Yes, while their military training was intense, Spartans did have free time for leisure activities, which helped them relax and bond with their fellow soldiers.

2. What were some of the common sports Spartan soldiers participated in?
Spartan soldiers engaged in sports like foot races, wrestling, and discus throwing, which allowed them to showcase their physical prowess.

3. What was the Krypteia, and how did it add an element of fun to Spartan life?
The Krypteia was a secret police force where young Spartan men tested their espionage skills and engaged in missions, adding an element of intrigue and excitement to their lives.

4. What was the significance of Spartan feasts?
Spartan feasts were about building bonds between soldiers, often featuring the infamous black broth and fostering discussions that helped them connect on a personal level.

5. How did Spartan soldiers engage in artistic pursuits?
Spartan soldiers learned to play musical instruments and appreciated music and dance, which provided a creative and enjoyable outlet in their lives.


In the world of ancient Sparta, Spartan soldiers balanced their relentless military training and discipline with activities that brought enjoyment and camaraderie. These warriors weren’t just machines of war; they were individuals who knew how to have fun and find leisure in the simplest of pleasures.

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