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Top WordPress Trends Predicted by Influencers

Top WordPress Trends Predicted by Influencers

Are you on the edge of building your website from scratch or redesigning it? You can do it using the latest WordPress trends. So, in this blog, you will read the top WordPress trends predicted by influencers, so that you can make the most out of your WordPress website.

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WordPress is one of the best CMS (content management systems) that supports millions of websites across the globe. As technology continues to evolve, WordPress users need to stay with the latest trends and advancements related to the platform.

This feature-packed CMS is counted as the best platform for building sites. WordPress allows its users to build any sort of website from scratch. WordPress caters to every need, whether a simple blog posting site or the most complex one. The continuous WordPress development trends have opened doors for numerous opportunities for site owners to earn extra and be ahead of the digital race.

In this article, you will read the top WordPress trends predicted by influencers in the industry, and how they can impact your website’s performance and user experience.

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What are the best WordPress trends predicted by influencers?

Since 2003, the WordPress platform has come a long way to one of the most popular web-building platforms. This CMS has over 55K plugins which keeps on growing day by day. So, to make you stand out from the crowd, it is necessary to follow the latest WordPress trends and advancements.

Come and let’s understand the newest WordPress trends predicted by influencers that will help you put your business ahead of the race.

Web designing should be sustainable

Sustainable web design is a significant trend in the WP community as the world is getting more and more conscious of the environment. You can focus on reducing the carbon footprint of websites in terms of usage of energy and other resources with this approach. Before using such a trend, it is important to understand what is a sustainable web design.

It involves website optimization to reduce energy consumption and lessen data transfer. This is possible with the use of optimized images and videos, eliminating the need for unnecessary scripts, and using efficient caching techniques to lessen page load times. But how can this trend benefit the website owner?

There is a significant contribution of websites to energy consumption and carbon emissions. With sustainable web design practices, developers and businesses can contribute to a greener environment that is more environmentally friendly. Optimized website performance can lead to enhanced user experience. Further, this can lead to increased conversion rates.

So, one can use sustainable web design by focusing on

  • Minimizing the use of server resources
  • Optimizing images and media
  • Leveraging caching mechanisms
  • Using efficient coding practices.

By prioritizing these considerations, websites can become more eco-friendly without compromising their functionality.

Keep an eye on WordPress security

The chances of data breaches are increasing day by day as the world is getting digital. That’s why website security should be a top concern for website owners as technology advances and also the threats. Influencers emphasize the importance of staying ahead of potential vulnerabilities with robust security measures. This includes:

  • Regular updates
  • Using secure hosting providers
  • Employing SSL certificates.

Website owners should prioritize security to protect their data and maintain user’s trust as WordPress continues to be a popular target for hackers.

Accessibility of the websites should not be missed

Accessibility has always been a crucial aspect of web design, and its importance continues to grow within the WordPress community. Making websites accessible to all including those with disabilities is not only ethically responsible but also a legal requirement in many countries.

But what is website accessibility?

It is the practice of designing and developing websites that can be accessed by people with different kinds of disabilities. This includes individuals with visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive impairments. But how is it important for website owners?

As WordPress supports a significant portion of global websites, it has a strong impact on web accessibility. By making WordPress websites accessible, developers can ensure that all users can access and interact with the content effectively.

To make WordPress websites accessible, developers should follow best practices such as:

  • Using semantic HTML
  • Providing alt text for images and multimedia
  • Using proper color contrast
  • Enabling keyboard navigation, etc.

Also, utilizing WordPress accessibility plugins and themes can simplify the process of creating such websites.

Focus on voice search optimization

Voice search has gained popularity with the rise of smart speakers and virtual assistants. People now use voice commands:

  • To search for information
  • Make purchases
  • Interact with websites, etc.

Influencers predict that websites will adapt to this trend by optimizing websites for voice search that include voice-based functionality and natural language processing. This will help websites to be accessible to users, especially those who prefer voice-based interactions.

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular because of the rise of personal voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. To stay in this race, website owners need to optimize their WordPress sites for voice search. As per influencers, voice search optimization-based websites can gain more visibility among search engines’ rankings.

Now the question is how can website developers achieve this?

To achieve voice search optimization, website owners should focus on creating content that includes:

  • Conversational content
  • Utilizes natural language
  • Long-trail keywords and phrases, etc.

By adapting to this trend, website owners can enhance their SEO efforts and attract a broader audience.

Integrate artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has made important advancements in recent years, and its potential impact on WordPress can’t be ignored. From chatbots and virtual assistants to advanced data analytics, AI can enhance user interactions and streamline website management.

Chatbot integration in WordPress sites is one of the major trends that help users resolve their customers’ queries most efficiently. This is an easy means of communication that reduces the gap between you and your customers. It allows you to rapidly solve customer issues, saving you enough time to focus on other business operations. Any type of WordPress site can integrate Chatbots to provide efficient and quick customer support.

Influencers predict that AI will continue to play a major role in WP development to give the latest solutions for personalized user experiences and improved website performance.

User experience should be a priority

A strong and appealing user experience is the base behind the success of any website. As per influencers enhanced user experience will continue to be a major trend in WordPress development. This includes:

  • Optimizing website loading speed.
  • Ensuring mobile responsiveness.
  • Simplifying navigation.

For enhanced user experience, website owners can use responsive WordPress themes, well-optimized images, and media files, and utilize caching plugins to improve loading times. If website owners prioritize user experience, they can keep visitors engaged and help them to explore more content.

The effectiveness of Gutenberg

Another one of the top WordPress trends predicted by influencers is the rise of Gutenberg. It is a block-based editor that was introduced in WordPress 5.0. It allows users to create and manage content more efficiently.

Gutenberg allows the use of blocks to easily customize the appearance and functionality of the websites. This trend emphasizes the importance of intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that eliminate the need for complex coding.

Headless WordPress

WordPress has held a new trend to offer more flexibility to developers with the rise of headless CMS architecture. Websites can deliver content to different channels and devices seamlessly by decoupling the front end and back ends.

Let’s understand what a headless approach is.

The headless approach means to separate the frontend presentation layer from the backend content management system. Developers can use modern JavaScript frameworks like React or Vue.js to create a highly interactive user interface instead of using WP themes to render content.

It allows developers to use the power of WordPress as a content management system while using modern technologies for the front end. This provides greater flexibility to create dynamic user experiences as well as the ability to easily integrate with third-party APIs.

By decoupling the front and back, websites can deliver content faster and more efficiently. Additionally, this approach enables developers to reuse code, improve site performance, and ensure a smoother experience across different devices. Updates and enhancements can also be made to the front end without affecting the content management system.

Use of multilingual support

The Internet is now utilized by more people across the globe. This pushes the requirement for multilingual content on business sites. In the coming years, we will encounter a great usage of multilingual content on sites made on the WordPress platform.

There is a wide range of plugins available to build multilingual content on WordPress sites. The most popular one is WPML which enables users to create a different version of their site in varied languages. Features such as language switcher and automatic translation help users view entire site content in their preferred language.

WordPress VIP

With WordPress VIP, it has become easier to utilize WordPress for building complex websites. This popular CMS platform is not restricted to small or medium businesses. With the advent of this trend, WordPress has now become a good web-building option for large-sized businesses to create complex sites. It is a well-managed hosting platform that is the best option for large businesses and sites that get huge footfall. So, how does WordPress VIP help website owners?

WordPress VIP is swift, secure, and follows a strict coding standard making it appropriate for creating complex web apps and sites. It is one of the major WordPress trends that is best for those companies looking to scale and revolutionize their business.

Drag and drop page builder

Another growing WordPress trend is utilizing the feature of allowing users to build their website by selecting elements and customizing each component as per needs. The drag-and-drop page builders allow users to check how website landing pages will appear while editing the components.

WordPress offers many page builders such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, Divi Builder, etc. to make this kind of customization possible. If you haven’t used a page builder for your website yet, then you should give it a try. It lets users personalize the website without coding.

The Rub

So, all the aforementioned WordPress trends are the most demanding ones. Staying updated with the latest WordPress trends predicted by influencers in WP development is essential for website owners and developers. By using mobile optimization, utilizing page builders, integrating AI, prioritizing security, and optimizing for voice search, WordPress users can create visually appealing websites to give a powerful user experience.

These trends will transform the future of WordPress development and support website owners to stay ahead of the competition in this digital race.

So what are you waiting for?

Learn and adapt to such latest WordPress trends predicted by influencers!

Author Bio – Upma is the Seo Executive at JoomDev. She loves to convert her ideas into reality by developing products to make your online business successful with her WordPress plugins and mobile app development company.