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Tips To Improve Your UX Design Practice

4 Tips To Improve Your UX Design Practice

Hey guys, in this article, I am going to discuss the 4 tips to improve your UX design practice. So keep reading.

You’ve been working like crazy and still, you are not satisfied with how your design has turned out. Don’t worry, most professionals in their field are thinking the same. The perfect design is a rarity, we have to accept that.

However, this shouldn’t stop us from improving our skills. The best UX designers are constant learners. Furthermore, they are designing their learning experience simultaneously.

I don’t want you to stop learning and developing killer UX/UI developer skills, which is why I have analyzed the best UX-designed practices.

Keep reading this article to learn about the 4 most important tips to improve your UX design practice.

What Is UX Design?

Most of the time you’ll hear terms like “functionality” or “usability” which are all great terms. However, UX design is so much more than just making (thinking about) useful devices. UX designers are working on branding, aesthetics, accessibility, and more.

In short, UX design is the process of creating a system that meets the specific needs of a user. Apart from consumption and use, the goal of the process is to create designs that are efficient, easy to use, fun, and are increasing user satisfaction.

A good UX designer has “business empathy” and is able to imagine the motivation of future users. For example, if a UX designer wants to design a phone he needs to ask himself why people buy phones, how they use them, and what they mean to them.

Obviously, they want to communicate, check social media, and news, take pictures, watch videos, listen to music, read books, use apps, etc. All that should be accessible and “user friendly”.

Also, they want to own a specific kind of phone, one that is consistent with their values. Their phone should be able to tackle the usual issues. Finally, they want their phone to be beautiful.

4 Tips To Improve Your UX Design Practice:

1. Readability From Any Device
2. Simplicity
3. Talk To Other UX Designers
4. Utilize The Right UX Design Tools

1. Readability From Any Device

If you’re creating digital products like websites, the most important thing is to think about different devices. Users have different needs and styles which is why your website needs to be adaptable.

It’s not enough to create a site that looks good. It needs to be visually appealing on any device. You can use a responsive layout and create the pages with the user in mind. They need to have a constant thought when scrolling through your website:

Wow, this is convenient.

Responsive design is great because it gives you the freedom to create elements by making different combinations using breakpoints. When the page is stretched, everything stays visually the same.

Always check on other devices (your phone, tablet, etc) and compare results with your work (since you are probably creating designs from your computer). If you haven’t optimized your website for other devices, you are probably losing customers.

2. Simplicity

Less is more. This is a powerful statement that works in many fields. When it comes to UX design, you want your website to be very simple. Why? For a simple reason (this pun is simply unavoidable), nobody wants to use something that is too complicated.

Think about specialists in any field. Dentists, for example. Usually, websites for dentists are professional and easy to use. The main element is the services page. You can find out about the procedures, prices and how to find them. That’s it.

Making your website simple is a necessity since the average person’s attention span is only 8 seconds when it comes to websites. You don’t have the luxury of creating something overwhelming and complex.

A typical user will scan the information and find if there is something interesting in 8 seconds or less. You need to present your strongest weapons (figuratively speaking) in beautiful letters, with two or three colors and one video.

Every page needs to have a particular goal. Something that you want to achieve. Maybe you want to inform users or get them to sign in to your newsletter, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that everything on that page works as a function for that purpose.

3. Talk To Other UX Designers

UI & UX design services is focused on customer feedback because it increases their revenue. Feedback is important. Your customers are your most important audience. You don’t need to think in the dark in order to find out what they need. Just ask them.

However, working as a UX designer, you want to hear opinions from your colleagues as well. People in the industry know their craft and will help you with whatever you’re struggling with at the moment.

Taking the time to reach out to your fellow UX designers is crucial for discovering those little secrets, especially if you’re a beginner. Senior UX designers are full of experience and have probably stumbled upon the same problem that you’re unable to solve.

They are a great source of motivation and inspiration. The more designers you reach out to, the more developed your skills will become. Professionals in their field tend to radiate enthusiasm and energy that you’ll pick up immediately.

Use LinkedIn for networking and find other UX designers that you can reach out to. The majority of them will gladly give you advice or inform you about their projects.

4. Utilize The Right UX Design Tools

Top UX designers, working in the software industry, are always following the latest UI design trends. There are millions of UX design tools that can make your life much easier.

However, this can be overwhelming for a beginner. You are unsure what is the best tool for a specific task and that’s ok. What you need to do is to test a couple of tools and see what works for you.

For example, you want to fix your website navigation but are not sure what are the available resources and what works best. Maybe your menu has too many options or is not visible enough.

To solve these and similar issues, you might want to check some of the good examples of the things you’re trying to design. Look at your favorite websites, apps, or places with, let’s say, navigation bars that you like.

Try to use a reverse engineering method and determine how a specific feature is made. In most cases, the result will surprise you and you’ll end up with something better than the original.


I hope this article was designed to be readable and simple to grasp. My hope is that after reading this, you will be inspired to create great products and connect with the right people.

The essence of UX design is empathy. Think about the users and their needs. Always make sure that you’re bringing them something they will use with joy. Remove all obstacles that you can think of.

A great user experience is about providing the right information in the right form. You need to lead the user toward the resources they need. It is crucial to know your users well before giving them access to your design.

Great products are intuitive. There is something about our intuition that works when it comes to using everyday things. Think like your users from the perspective of their problems. Most things are discovered through this method.

I hope these tips to improve your UX design practice was helpful. Stay safe and good luck with making the best UX design products.

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