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Top Ten Server Backup Software

Top Ten Server Backup Software

Review, compare, and choose from the best server backup software from the following list, complete with features for protecting important data:

Users employ server backup software to back up data stored on a server, ensuring the restoration of the system in the case of mechanical failure, hacking, or user error. Further, because there are so many options available in server backup software, choosing the best server backup software can be difficult.

Also, We’ve looked at the best server backup software software for data backup. Moreover, You can choose the best server backup software solution that best suits your requirements after reading our review.

Now let’s get began!

The Top Ten Server Backup Software List

List of well-known backup servers:

  1. Zinstall
  2. AOMEI Backupper Server
  3. Uranium Backup
  4. Druva Phoenix
  5. Altaro VM Backup
  6. Rubrik
  7. SpiderOak One
  8. Acronis Cyber Cloud
  9. Perfect Backup
  10. Backblaze B2

In-depth analyses:

1. Zinstall

Suitable for Windows Backups That Are Automatic

Zinstall Backup Server Software

Zinstall is a program that will assist you in automatically backing up your Windows server completely. Also, The utility is reliable for much more than file backups. However, It is possible to back up everything for later recovery, including databases, settings, profiles, and programs and applications.

Moreover, Zinstall gives you the freedom to store your backup wherever you like. Also, You can keep your backup locally on a USB drive or remotely on a network disk.


  • Maintain several backup copies of your data.
  • Fully automated protection against ransomware.
  • Utilize it with cloud, network, or local storage.


  • Completely automated backup
  • 30-day no-cost trial
  • Simple to install and download
  • Maintains your backup with you at all times


The price might be too much for some users.

Conclusion: Moreover, Zinstall is a user-friendly software that facilitates the backup of Windows servers. Also, You may back up all of your data, apps, and system settings with the software. Moreover, You may easily restore any file from any server with this tool.


  • Complete Back Server Light: $399 One-time Charge
  • CompleteBack Server Pro: $899 one-time fee
  • There’s also a 30-day free trial available.

2. AOMEI Backupper Server

AOMEI Backupper Server

You receive a system that enables you to plan a data backup strategy when you use AOMEI. Further,  You have a variety of backup choices for disks, partitions, data, systems, and other things using the software. Also, You can do scheduled backup tasks on the platform. You don’t need to monitor AOMEI’s performance. However, With this utility, you can recover a whole server or computer system from a major catastrophic failure. Also, By using the tool, you may reduce server downtime. Thus, This program can readily initiate data migration as well.


  • Backup of a disk or partition
  • Remove Previous Backups
  • Different Schedules
  • Selective file recovery


  • Synchronization in real-time
  • Adaptable data retrieval
  • One-click data backup


  • I don’t like it when subscriptions renew automatically.

Conclusion: However, There are many reasons to adore the AOMEI Backupper solution. Hence, What you receive is a disaster recovery solution that can restore a Windows server or entire computer system, along with a dependable and comprehensive data backup and disk cloning service.

Cost: AOMEI offers the following price plans:

Annually: $149
Annual + 1 TB: $199
Duration: 299

Visit the AOMEI Site Here

3. Uranium Backup

Ideal for companies and resellers who need Windows server backups.

Uranium Backup Server Software

Uranium Backup, an Italian firm, offers server backup solutions. Thus, The app’s basic version supports emails and scheduler logs. Further, To take advantage of more sophisticated features like data encryption, synchronization, incremental backup, and online backup, you can subscribe to the premium edition.

The premium edition supports an extensive range of Windows cloud environments. However, On-site and cloud backups are available for MariaDB, My SQL, Exchange, and other data. Also, You can keep an eye on the backup using the app from a distance. Hence, for compliance reasons, you can also alter the backup and export history.


  • Logs from schedulers
  • Distinct backups
  • Cloud and Backup on Tape
  • Advantages of FTP Backup


  • Remote control of uranium reserve.
  • Export and customize the archive history.
  • Automated email reports for backups.


The cost is rather higher than that of rival products.

Encouraged Setting:

  • Windows
  • MySQL
  • ShadowCopy (VSS) –
  • Hyper V Backup for ESXi
  • Maria Database

Opinion: However, One of the top-rated server backup programs for Windows systems is Uranium Backup. Thus, The server backup program allows you to back up a sizable amount of data. The software supports fast recovery and secure backup.


Fundamental: No cost
BASE: $80 annually
FOR VIRTUAL: $229 annually
GOLD: $290 annually
PROFESSIONAL: $18,000 annually

4. Druva Phoenix

Ideal for advanced data backup for companies and small organizations.

Druva Phoenix Backup Server Software

Moreover, a scalable app for archiving and disaster recovery is called Druva Phoenix. Moreover, Machine learning-based analytics is one of the backup server software’s outstanding characteristics. Also, With the help of data analysis and the current cloud environment, the app generates insightful recommendations.

Furthermore, features for cloud data recovery enable speedy recovery from disasters. Hence, Glacier Deep achievement is supported by the app for intelligent achievement. Also, The archive storage restrictions are followed by the server backup software.


  • Backup that is both continuous and incremental
  • Global inline deduplication on the source side
  • Infinite backup and images
  • Worldwide data search Intelligent tiering with S3 Glacier Deep Archiving

Encouraged Environments:

  • Oracle
  • MS-SQL
  • SaaS
  • NAS
  • Linux and Windows
  • VMware and Nutanix Clusters
  • Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS

Verdict: However, You can easily backup configuration files and server data with Druva Phoenix. Hence, Enterprise-level backup and recovery functionalities are supported by the software. Also, Better data visibility is something else you will gain from, even with intricate server configurations.


  • Business: $210 monthly for each TB
  • Phoenix Enterprise: $240 monthly for each terabyte
  • Phoenix Elite: $300 monthly for each TB

5. Altaro VM Backup

Best for reliable and secure backup of the virtual machine and other supported environments in Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Altaro VM Backup Server Software

While Ransomware recovery and server file backup are supported by Altaro VM. Also, It allows you to host your encryption key for improved data security. Further, Advanced data encryption is supported by the app and can be used whether data is in transit or at rest.

However, The Business Associate Agreement’s (BAA) requirements are supported by the server backup app. Furthermore, for authentication needs, the server backup app enables the automatic provisioning of SCIM and SSO/SAML.


  • No limitations on file size
  • 100+ endpoints with 256-AES encryption
  • Personalized encryption keys
  • Personalized deployment guidelines

Encouraged Setting:

  • Hyper-V and Windows VMware Azure Stack HCI
  • Users in Number: 1–99

Conclusion: Administrative data protection tools that provide fine-grained control over backup policies and deployment are supported by Altaro VM.


  • Prices per VM start at $115.8 per year.
  • No Cost Trial: Sure, for 30 days.

6. Rubrik

Moreover, Access-controlled, air-gapped encrypted backups are the best option for protecting data against malware and insider threats for large businesses.

Rubrik Backup Server Software

Also, The greatest server backup program to shield your data from internet risks is called Rubrik. Moreover, For large enterprises looking to safeguard a sizable number of files and servers from ransomware and other internet threats, it is advised.

Hence, Advanced security features supported by the program include air-gapped, immutable, and access-controlled backups. Thus, A $5 million ransomware warranty is also given to customers upon account registration.


  • Controlling Access at Every Level
  • Appropriate Air Gap Zero Retention Lock
  • Intelligent Data Lock Environments Supported by Design Unchangeable by Design

Encouraged Setting:

  • Microsoft (SQL Server, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure)
  • VMware
  • Linux/CentOS/Ubuntu/Debian 8+, Oracle AWS, Google Cloud, SAP Hana, NAS, AHV, ESXi, and Hyper-V Unlimited servers and data
    No upper limit on file size

Conclusion: However, One of the safest programs for server backups is Rubrik. Also, By keeping an eye out for data dangers, the backup app will safeguard your information. Thus, In the event of an internet breach, you can swiftly restore files and server settings with the backup software.


Particular costs

7. SpiderOak One

Ideal for Windows, Linux, and macOS servers and file backups for small to medium-sized enterprises.

SpiderOak Backup Server Software

Moreover, An application for secure server backup is called SpiderOak One. Thus, Several physical and cloud environment types can be backed up with the software. However, For businesses seeking the advantages of a private and safe file backup, this is one of the greatest programs available.

Also, The server backup software has cross-device data syncing capabilities. Moreover, Protecting private information is ensured by the integrated privacy feature. Hence, The highest level of security encryption is used on all backup data. The software for server backups


  • Sharing files with links that self-destruct
  • Point-in-time recovery
  • Compliance with HIPAA
  • The key to private encryption

Encouraged Environments:

  • Linux, macOS, Windows External, detachable, and network volumes

Conclusion: However, SpiderOak provides server data protection at the enterprise level. Thus, Small and medium-sized enterprises that wish to secure their files and servers with the highest level of protection should use this program. But unlike other server backup software, this one doesn’t have sophisticated server backup functions.


Up to 150GB: $6 per user per month
400 GB: Each user pays $11 a month.
2TB: Each user pays $14 a month.
5TB: Each user pays $29 a month.
Trial: Indeed | 21 days

8. Acronis Cyber Cloud

Best for Linux and Windows systems using hybrid cloud backup.

Acronis Cyber Cloud Backup Server Software

Hence, One of the best options for server backup is Acronis Cyber Cloud. Also, The program offers centralized key task management. Moreover, It makes handling your service management responsibilities simple. Also, With the app, you may set up a multi-tiered cloud backup system.

Further, With white-label protection, you can create unique services using the app. Thus, From a single console, managing and supervising the backup process is simple. Also, There are various deployment choices available to you, such as private cloud, turnkey SaaS, and hybrid.


  • Cloud backup hybrid disaster recovery
  • Sync and share files; defend against ransomware; advantages:


  • Services for e-signatures for safe data backup
  • File notarization based on blockchain guarantees increased security and transparency.
  • The highest level of data security is ensured by AI-based protection.
  • Option to pick local cloud storage.
  • Online risks are prevented by antivirus software.


Further, There is a lack of transparency in pricing.

Encouraged Setting:

  • Linux and Windows
  • VMware Hyper-V vSphere transitions between Azure and AWS Conclusion: Acronis Cyber Cloud provides cyber protection for server backup. You may manage your backup data from several servers in one place with the help of the server backup software.


  • Get in touch for personalized pricing.
  • No Cost Trial: Sure, for 30 days.

9. Perfect Backup

Ideal for backups that happen automatically.

Perfect Backup Server Software

Moreover, A tool called Perfect Backup will handle all of the system backup chores for you. However, You may schedule your backup with this program. Also, When it’s finished, it will automatically carry out routine backups at the time and date you’ve designated.

Also, The tool has a lot of flexibility. The tool will function by your selections on which files to back up and which to exclude. Moreover, Multiple storage devices, including FTP servers, cloud storage, network locations, etc., are also supported by Perfect Backup.


  • Bit by Bit Backup
  • Complete Backup / Mirror Backup
  • Positives of Differential Backup


  • Scheduled auto backups
  • Flexible and reasonably priced pricing
  • Encrypting files
  • Easy-to-use interface


There may be a lag in the backup speed.

Conclusion: However, Perfect Backup is a solution that seamlessly automates the entire backup procedure. Also,  All file types can be backed up, and it allows files to be stored across numerous devices. It is also reasonably priced and simple to use.

Cost: There is no cost to download Perfect Backup. The single PC license is available for $39 under its subscription options. For a 3 or 5 computer license, the cost is $87 and $136, respectively. You will have to pay a one-time fee of $253 for a license that is good for ten computers.

Visit the Perfect Backup Site Here

10. Backblaze B2

Best for small and large enterprises to back up many servers running Windows and Linux.

Backblaze B2 Backup Server Software

Hence, With integrated security measures, Backblaze is an excellent online server backup application. Moreover, It is inexpensive for businesses of all shapes and sizes thanks to flexible pricing. Also, Different setups of Linux and Windows servers can be backed up using this program.


  • Online storage backup servers compatible with S3
  • Integration via API call with VeeAm, MSP360, backup, and RClone Transactions
  • Environments Supported for Mail Data Backup

Encouraged Environments:

  • Workstations, NAS, VMS, servers, and endpoints
  • Server limit for Windows Linux depending on data storage
  • 1000 TB or more of data
  • Maximum file size: 10 TB

Conclusion: Moreover, Backblaze B2 offers a terrific value package for clients. Also, The greatest server backup option for both small and large enterprises is the software, which allows many servers to be backed up.


Keepsake per GB for $0.005 a month
Get $0.001 for every gigabyte.
Data sent via mail: $550 Eight terabyte USB hard drive: $189

FAQs Regarding Server Backups

Q.1: What is software for server backups?

The ability to backup data stored on a server is provided by server backup software. However, Your data can be backed up on a physical device that is on-site or accessible online. Also, With the software, you may back up all of the data on the server and restore it in the event of an issue.

Q.2: Why use server backup software?

In the event of a mistake or mechanical failure, the data stored on the server will be preserved if backup server software is used to back it up. After, The greatest defense against viruses and ransomware that contaminate server data is data backups.

Q.3: How can I create a full server backup?

To create a backup of your data, you must first launch the backup server software and choose which files to backup. Further, If you wish to store locally, choose a backup device. Hence, When you make a file backup, the software will automatically preserve the server configurations.

Q.4: Does Windows Server have backup software?

Software for backup servers is available on Windows Server. Also, The Windows server’s free backup software can be used for scheduled or manual backups.

Q.5: How reliable is the Windows Server backup?

The majority of server administrators lament the unreliability of the Windows server backup program. Thus, To back up the server data, you should purchase external backup server software.

Conclusion: Server Backup Software

However, The top server backup software programs for reseller companies include Uranium Backup and Acronis Cyber Cloud. Thus, Acronis Cyber Cloud, Druva, Altaro, and Rubrik are a few options for businesses searching for a server backup tool for ransomware protection.

Moreover, For small organizations, MSP360 and NovaBACKUP are the top backup server programs. For large enterprises, Druva, Rubrik, and Backblaze B2 are the best server backup programs. Further, For backing up macOS servers, the best program is SpiderOak.