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Sojo Spa

Sojo Spa Review: A Luxurious Oasis of Tranquility


Located in Edgewater, New Jersey, SoJo Spa Club is a 140,000-square-foot Korean spa playground that spans four stories. It boasts eight saunas, bubbly pools akin to LaCroix, a seductive waterfall, buried volcanic sand, nap chambers, bulgogi rice bowls, and exfoliating scrub treatments that leave you feeling reborn and luscious. Pilgrims travel great distances to soak in these waters rich in carbon. You will see every body type, hear every language, and run across every kind of Jersey boyfriend in the book at SoJo. It’s absurdly enjoyable.

I’m your Tinker Bell if SoJo is the Disney World of spas. or the Rabbit in White. Or the Magic Carpet, depending on which character survives to the very end. Let me show you around this immaculate paradise, including the highlights on each floor, as you let open your pores.

How to get there

You’re a driver. Alternatively, a complimentary shuttle van departing from Midtown departs every hour in both ways, if you’re traveling from Manhattan. But weekends are crazy, and by Tuesday, the shuttle can fill up, so make reservations in advance! Additionally, there is a ferry that runs between Edgewater and Midtown West; to get there, either take a short bus or walk for 17 minutes.

What to bring

ID. Sunscreen. Swimsuit (or you can wear the cotton spa-outfit that SoJo has given; sportswear and other “overly exposing swimwear” are not allowed.) a text. a shift in attire. Preferred toiletries, while the locker rooms also offer hair dryers and soaps in the shower stalls. a moisturizer with depth! Most essential: An empty water bottle in the manner of an airport. There are many water fountains, and you need to be drinking a lot of it since you sweat so much.

The Costing

$60 throughout the week, and $80 during the weekend. But I would contend that you should definitely have a scrub ($115 + tip), and because outside food is prohibited, you’ll probably end up overindulging in $20–30 worth of food and beverages. Total estimated expense: $250. Hey, it’s still less expensive than dinner and Broadway tickets, plus you can stay all day.

Best time to visit SoJo Spa

I have personally been to the Spa in every season, and although I enjoy summertime for its warmth and sunshine, wintertime trips to SoJo are equally enjoyable. Nothing compares to the intense contrast between a heated steam bath and the crisp cold air. If freezing weather isn’t your thing, SoJo excels at designing seasonal outdoor setups that will keep you warm.

Visiting the spa as soon as it opens is one of the main things I advise. Due to its beautiful location, SoJo has become a very popular spot in the area. On weekends, if you go there during the midday, you won’t be the only visitor. But, especially on weekdays, if you arrive at 9 am sharp, you can even have the amenities to yourself! And sure, on one of my nine in the morning excursions, I had the entire infinity pool to myself.

Timings of Sojo Spa

The hours of SoJo Spa are 9 am to 9:30 pm. You’ll need at least two to three hours to take advantage of everything the spa has to offer. However, spend five to six hours there if your objective is to relax and temporarily forget about your obligations. You can even spend the entire day there if that’s what you’d like!

There are places where you can work if you’re a digital nomad or remote worker and wish to mix business with pleasure while visiting, or if you’re working “remotely” for the day.

Additional Facilities

Apart from the several swimming pools, saunas, and baths, SoJo Spa also has a fitness center, a relaxation area, and a co-working place for individuals who are unable to leave their jobs (but seriously, bring your PTO folks).

Moreover, there is a hotel at SoJo as well, and it is open Friday through Sunday. A spa pass is included in the nightly cost!


They haven’t failed, as seen by their over 10,000 4.5-star Google Reviews. They have earned my choice as one of the top New Jersey spas, if not the best, because of their consistent quality. I enjoy returning because of all the facilities they provide, the delicious food they serve, and the general stress-relieving atmosphere they provide without having to go far.

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